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Should Businesses Trust Open Source Software? The Open Source Dilemma.

posted on 20-09-2023 by Adrian Gordon

In this article, we'll explore the potential downsides of Open Source Software, its practical benefits, and why the IT industry champions the open-source movement.

How to Transform Your Business with the Art of Prompt Engineering

posted on 28-07-2023 by Adrian Gordon

In this article, we will delve into the world of prompt engineering, guide you through its secrets, and show you how to harness this skill to exponentially boost your business productivity.

Do You Still Need to Worry About Computer Viruses?

posted on 30-06-2023 by Adrian Gordon

In this article, I will prove that even in a world of trending hashtags and viral cat videos, computer viruses are no laughing matter. But first things first, do people still get viruses on their PC? Let's find out!

How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used To Solve Real-World Problems in Your Industry

posted on 16-03-2023 by Adrian Gordon

From improving the quality of medical diagnoses to developing self-driving cars and finding new planets in outer space, AI has grown from its humble beginnings into one of the most revolutionary tools we have at our disposal today. In this article, I will highlight how artificial intelligence is already being used in four industries to solve problems, increase efficiency and reduce the need for human labor.

Don't Lose Customers - How to Improve Your Renewal Rate

posted on 19-10-2022 by Adrian Gordon

Regardless of the type of service you are providing, a low or reducing renewal rate is a strong indication that customers do not believe they are getting enough value from your service. In this article, I will be outlining some of the most effective strategies you can employ to significantly improve your renewal rate.

Generating Passive Income from Your Website With Display Ads

posted on 24-11-2021 by Adrian Gordon

If you are someone who currently has an active website this article will outline how to get yourself a piece of the passive income pie.

Developing KPIs to Grow Your Online Business

posted on 28-10-2021 by Adrian Gordon

Utilizing information gained through KPIs is one of the fastest ways to grow your online business. However, In order to truly harness the power that KPIs can offer, you will need to discard your emotions and develop an obsession with data.

Is the Dropshipping Business Model Still worth It?

posted on 08-10-2021 by Adrian Gordon

In this article, I will be exploring the technicalities and allure of the dropshipping business model, and let you know if this approach is one that makes sense for you when staring your next online business.

How To Move Your Business Online - No Matter What is

posted on 24-09-2021 by Adrian Gordon

No matter what you are selling, as long as you are able to facilitate the transfer of value from your business to your customers, there is an opportunity for you to take your products and services online.

3 Things That Make You Look like a Scam Site to Customers

posted on 22-09-2021 by Adrian Gordon

A lot of websites are raising red flags in the minds of their consumer that can and will turn them away from a purchase. In this article you will learn about the three most common red flags on the internet today.

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