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Adrian Gordon - Lead Software Consultant


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My Background and Mindset

I have worked as a professional software developer for over 8 years but my love for coding began at just 14 years old. I've had the privilege to work with all types of businesses and ideas. Both big and small, local and international, but I saw the need to help small and medium Caribbean businesses reach their full growth potential through software consulting.

So, do you have a business or idea that you want to bring into the online marketplace?

Do you want to earn more profit from your website or app?

Or do you have inefficiencies in your business that you believe can be solved through automation?

Let's work together to grow your business.



"The trouble with opportunity is that it always comes disguised as hard work."


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What clients are saying

Georgette Kong

Director at Yours Truly, Clinihealth

"During the height of the Covid19 pandemic my company, Yours Truly, CliniHealth, was hired to provide diagnostic testing and logistical support for a major client. Through this contract we ended up collaborating with Adrian. The advice, technical support and software provided by Adrian and his team significantly streamlined our process and allowed us to service our customer in a far more efficient manner.

Additionally, thanks to the proprietary automation features he and his team created, we were able save tons of time, expanded our capacity, and now had a free-flowing work environment for day to day logistical activities when servicing our client.

Adrian was very patient, understood our needs, and executed them perfectly."

Yours Truly, Clinihealth

2021 - 2022

Egbert Von Frankenberg

CEO of KnightFoxApps

"Working with Adrian is very efficient as he shows great time management on the tasks at hand. At Knightfox, Adrian has been working on several projects over the last 3 years. Highly recommend his skills and attitude towards providing adequate solutions."

Knightfox Apps

2018 - 2021

Chris Whitfield

Head of Marketing at

"Reliable & professional and most importantly excellent communication."

Already There

2019 - 2021


A small selection of projects from our portfolio

Loop Pacific

In Collaboration With KnightfoxApps

Lets work together to grow your business

All listed services are performed under a monthly retainer. I accept payments through Direct Bank Transfer, Credit Card and PayPal.

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