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3 Things That Make You Look like a Scam Site to Customers

posted on 22-09-2021 by Adrian Gordon

A lot of websites are raising red flags in the minds of their consumer that can and will turn them away from a purchase. In this article you will learn about the three most common red flags on the internet today.

The Top 3 Online Business Skills Needed for Success

posted on 16-09-2021 by Adrian Gordon

Though relatively easy to start, the management and maintenance of online businesses requires a very specific skillset that I notice is rarely discussed. In this article I will explore the top 3 skills you will need to do this.

How To Design Your Contact Us Page for Leads and Sales

posted on 11-09-2021 by Adrian Gordon

The majority of websites on the internet seem to treat this page as an afterthought. I don't know about you but if I knew that a page is the second most visited on my website, this is a page that I would be placing a lot of emphasis on

How Online Businesses Can Make Money with Forums

posted on 03-09-2021 by Adrian Gordon

Forums are now a treasure trove of information that can be immensely valuable to both online business owners and people who want to start an online business.

The 3 Biggest Factors That Cause Online Business to Fail

posted on 29-08-2021 by Adrian Gordon

the majority of online business either fail or do not make enough money. In this article I will go over with the three most common traps that I have personally seen lead to the failure many online businesses.

The Best Places to Sell Your Services Online

posted on 20-08-2021 by Adrian Gordon

The following is an exploration of the main options available to you, and a guide to help you determine where you should be selling your services online.

The Best Approach to Bootstrapping Your Startup Business

posted on 29-07-2021 by Adrian Gordon

With bootstrapping you are using your own money, so unless you are rich you cannot afford to "fail fast and often" as modern tech entrepreneurs like to promote. Hear my step by step strategy for success.

5 Rules for Effective Communication with a Programmer: Save Time and Get More Done

posted on 15-07-2021 by Adrian Gordon

Being a programmer by profession, I recognize the challenges many of my clients have faced when contracting developers to work on their projects. I have created a set of ground rules that once followed, will save you tons of time.

How to Find and Hire Great Programmers Online

posted on 01-07-2021 by Adrian Gordon

I have been hiring programmers online for around a year. I have suffered my fair share of bumps and bruises. But I now know exactly how to approach a search for a programmer.

Software Development for your Business: A Better Investment than Stocks or Cryptocurrencies

posted on 12-06-2021 by Adrian Gordon

Do you have a large amount of money to invest? No? You’re likely to get excellent returns investing in yourself. These returns often beat the capital gains made in cryptocurrencies or stocks. Don’t believe me? Let us look at some cold hard figures.

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