In the high-stakes race to capture audience attention, using traditional content creation methods is like drinking a piping hot cup of coffee through a straw. Yes, it can be done … but why?

In the 2023s, the new rules of content marketing are stark yet simple: businesses not utilizing AI for content creation will fade into the background, overshadowed by those who leverage AI to captivate their audience.

My hope is that this article will serve as a wake-up call, a prompt (😉) to step into the AI arena.

There are some truly amazing technologies on the market right now that can not only allow you to keep pace with your competitors, but actually help you to increase the quality and creativity of your content in the fight for the ever-reducing attention span of the public. 

Below, I have listed 5 AI-powered content creation tools that you can use to elevate your brand identity online.

1. Jasper.AI | Blog Posts and Articles

Jasper is an AI tool that is perfect for all kinds of written content. If your brand is trying to build its image as an industry leader, you’ll need to post insightful blog posts to your website and social media accounts on a regular basis. Jasper AI allows users to choose the tone of voice, content length, spacing and other features to match your unique brand voice.

Pricing starts at $39/month


2. Murf | AI Voice Generation

Are you unable to find the perfect voice actor for your video scripts? With Murf AI, you can select from a range of diverse human-sounding voiceovers, all through an easy and intuitive interface. Simply upload your script, select a voice and let it read out the text. You can also make adjustments for emphasis and tone. 

Admittedly, It is not yet perfect, as a decerning ear will be able to pick up a few nuances that give the readings a “synthetic” sound in spots. However, they are now closer than ever to making your script feel like it's being read by a human and, from my own tests, work well for short, simple scripts.

Pricing starts at $19/month.


3. HubSpot | AI-powered Content Strategy

Essentially, HubSpot is a comprehensive “all in one” platform that offers a litany of AI-powered tools that “revolutionize” how businesses approach marketing, sales, and customer engagement (… they really like the word revolutionize). 

With features like AI Content Writer, Social Caption Generator, and AI Blog Writer, HubSpot empowers users to create high-quality, engaging content effortlessly. HubSpot is ideal for businesses seeking to streamline processes, boost engagement, and drive conversions using modern digital strategies. 

Pricing varies depending on the user.


4. Canva | AI-powered Graphics Design

Canva is an ideal tool for content creators who want to advertise their brand in a stylish, aesthetically pleasing way without hiring the services of a professional designer. Even if you have no prior experience with design, Canva’s combination of templates and AI powered image generation features will allow you create fantastic designs. There are also customization features that allow you to make adjustments to various aspects of a design to create an ideal look that matches your imagination.

Pricing starts at $12.99/month.


5. ChatGPT Pro | Content Ideation

ChatGPT Pro stands out as a versatile juggernaut in the AI arena, offering a wide array of features that go far beyond content generation. This tool is your go-to for brainstorming fresh, innovative ideas to align with your brand's direction. With ChatGPT Pro, you unlock a world of possibilities – from crafting compelling written content to assisting with code development, artistic design, logo creation, and even audio composition. 

Powered by an advanced LLM (i.e., large language model), it is able to provide insightful suggestions and solutions, making it an invaluable asset for any content-related challenge.

Pricing starts at $20/month.



To wrap things up: AI in content creation is not just a passing fad; it's the new standard. The tools we've explored—Jasper.AI, Murf, HubSpot, Canva, and especially ChatGPT Pro— all offer significant improvements over traditional content creation workflows. 

By leveraging them in your businesses, you can now connect with and captivate your audience in a time-effective manner.