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The Power of Writing Down Your Online Business Goals

posted on 21-08-2021 by Adrian Gordon

If you have an online business or would like to have one, write down your business goals and put them in a place where you will be constantly reminded of them. Preferably on a daily basis.

New Technologies in Business | How to Stick to What Makes Money

posted on 14-08-2021 by Adrian Gordon

Most new technologies are launched before they are truly ready for prime time. Don't use your business as a guinea pig.

Web Animations Explained for Business | How to Use Animations to Increase Leads and Sales

posted on 11-08-2021 by Adrian Gordon

Web animations are actually an extremely powerful psychological tool. Used strategically, they can significantly increase leads and sales on your website and mobile app.

How to Find Your Unicorns on Google Analytics

posted on 07-08-2021 by Adrian Gordon

Unicorns are those top 5% of pages that generate the most value for your business organically. To find them, you just need to know where to look.

How to Funnel Traffic from Amazon and eBay to Your Ecommerce Store

posted on 06-08-2021 by Adrian Gordon

You didn't start your own business to be a slave to Amazon or eBay. Make them your slave instead.

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