A lot of entrepreneurs avoid AI because technologists like to make it seem like a dauting esoteric topic. However, the truth is that using this technology has becoming far easier than in past few years thanks to pre-packaged AI services.

Now is the best time to start looking these services if you want to gain a competitive advantage in your online business.

The following are two simple ways this technology can be added to your website and app.


Smart Search

Go to Algolia

Smart search, as I am choosing to call it, is a technique that aims to determine the actual intent and meaning behind a person’s search instead of just matching words. Algoila is a service that I often use that to add smart search to websites and apps.

This service significantly increases the relevance of search results, making it far less likely that a customer will abandon their search and far more likely that their search will result in a sale.


Smart Recommendations

Go to Klevu

Another useful application of AI is in customer recommendations. AI based systems like Klevu allows developers to use their pre-packaged AI algorithm to find recommendations based on the intent of your customer. This is a far more advanced technique than traditional tag or text-based system that only show customers items similar to what they have already bought.

For example, let’s a customer has just bought a stove from your appliance store after looking though all stoves on your website/app. Most “dumb” recommendations will likely now recommend a fridge or toaster because they also fit into the category of “appliance”. A system like Klevu would instead recommend oven mitts.  


There is huge potential here for business who are willing to invest in integrating these tools into their online businesses. It is best to jump on them as soon as you can before everyone else start to do so and it loses its edge.