Consider two websites in two different niches/industries. One we will call, a website covering everything dace and performance. The other we will call, a blog containing articles on about how to find the best deals on your car insurance. 

To make things fair let’s assume that both websites are getting 10,000 visitors per week (i.e., 40,000 per visitors month). Let us also assume that you will be using 3 ad spots on both websites.

If we decide to use advertising networks to generate our display ads, based on the average CPM for the Dance Industry (i.e., $0.035), and the average CPM for the insurance industry ($15.63), we can expect to make around $4.20 per month and $1,875.00 per month respectively.

For, earning ~$5 per month, even if it is passive, is not very attractive. We need to make more money!

To do this, we need to a more active approach to selling ads. 


  1. Analyse your website traffic
  2. Reach out to dance theatres located in the countries where most of the visitors reside
  3. Make a proposal to them to directly by ad spots on your website (use your traffic volume and niched audience as the bait) 


Taking this approach will allow you to get thousands of dollars for those same ad spots.