Depending on the type of website you are operating, getting someone to register an account is one of if not the most valuable interaction you can get from a visitor. Not only is their user profile itself a treasure trove of valuable information, this is often also the first step to getting a sale and acquiring a customer that will spend money with you for years to come.

Funnily enough (.. and unfortunately), most of your traffic will simply visit, look around, then never return, making this one of the most difficult things to get. 

Thankfully, there are actually two very simple changes you can make this week that will significantly increase the number of signups you get:


1. Use A Pop Up Box

Most websites send to user to a separate page for them to fill out a form in order for them to register. However, doing this creates one additional barrier for your visitor to overcome. Each barrier you introduce, no matter how small, will cause some of your visitors to abandon the process. Placing your registration form in a Pop up box keeps the visitor one the same screen, making it much more likely they complete the process. In many instances, websites have reported that making this change has increased their registration rate by up to 50%.   


2. Make your call to action very obvious and visible

Just because someone is using the internet does not mean that they are in any way technologically savvy. Believe it or not there will be many people who will browse your website, want to register, but are not able to do so because they do not know how to do it or where to go. Use a larger font, images, contrasting colors, basically anything that will tastefully make your registration link stand out from the rest of the page. Do not assume that everyone realizes that the signup link is at the top right-hand section of your website’s navigation menu.


Making any of these two changes will almost surely result in a marked improvement in the number of visitors that are actually completing the registration process on your website.